People called the poor dog ‘werewolf’ because they simply didn’t know what kind of animal he was

In Madera Ranchos, California, a strange creature resembling a “werewolf” was standing on the side of the road near an orchard.

He had dirty fur, was thin, and was bald, so everyone was afraid to even look at him. No one dared approach this poor animal for months because of its hard, scaly skin and scarred, sharp tail.

Only black fur remained on the neck and head. People ignored him as they passed by, thinking he was dangerous and  obviously sick. Fortunately, one day an angel in human form decided  that this puppy was worth his time.

After the woman stopped to check on the poor dog, she decided to call and ask for help. Then another caring woman, Megan Bowe, answered the phone.

Megan, founder of Bowe’s Adoptable Rescued Pup, admitted: He was really taking the final step. He was depressed and could hardly stand up.

Megan soon realizes that this “werewolf” is actually a seriously ill and neglected German Shepherd mix. She called him “King” and immediately took him to the vet’s office.

Dr. King had many illnesses, but Meghan and her doctors chose to treat each one. His most serious health issues required surgery, including mange, a damaged pelvis, and a broken tail.

“My vet thinks he was hit by a car, which would explain why his tail is so mangled,” Megan said.

 “This injury happened a few months ago, because by the time I took him in he was already healing incorrectly. He was gaunt and dehydrated.” Although King’s health  made him look older, he was actually only one year old. Because some of his illnesses were contagious, Megan had to keep him in a separate part of the house where she kept the rest of the animals in her care.

Fortunately, King started eating and ate a lot every day. King’s condition gradually improved and he was ready to undergo much-needed surgery on his fractured pelvis and tail.And the operation was successful!

Megan believes  King will  be available for adoption soon. It took a while for him  to walk again, but with the help of Megan and his veterinarian, he did the unthinkable and got back on his feet. She just wants  him to be adopted into a loving family and given a  home.

“It’s hard to imagine so many cars passing in front of him  and never stopping. He looked so bad that no one wanted to take him home and let’s help him.”

“But only one person helped me,” Megan said.This world is becoming a much better place because of women who asked for help and people like Megan who were willing to step in.

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