This woman was walking through the park when she observed something on the ground that caused her to freeze

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us with countless wonders, from  majestic giant bats soaring through the sky to terrifying “snakes” lurking in the trees.

This is the case for proud North Carolina native Regan Daniels and his incredible discovery.

Daniels created a worldwide phenomenon by sharing his incredible photo collection  on the popular Facebook page Mushroomcore.

In the summer of 2020, Regan Daniels walked in the beautiful forests of western North Carolina. Little did she know that she was about to witness a truly seductive performance that would take her breath away.

Daniels immediately grabbed his camera, inspired by the strange sight before him, wanting to capture the essence of this special phenomenon.

She shared these photos with the Mushroomcore group, which has over 30,000 members, eager to share her amazing experience.

The Mushroomcore team, accustomed to beautiful woodland landscapes and deep botanical complexity, were surprised when the focus of their debate turned to a specific topic.

What is the source of their fascination? Daniels’ images depict the fascinating Dead Man’s Fingers mushroom, known technically  as Xylaria polymorpha.

With their black, swollen “fingers” pointing upward, these strange mushrooms have cleverly earned their gruesome moniker by imitating a person desperate to escape their earthly corpse.

“I saw these dead man’s fingers, a mushroom that I actually thought was a Halloween decoration!” »Regan shouted in her message. The striking appearance of this mushroom is very unusual, but many people are unaware of its year-round presence.

These mushrooms can be found throughout the world, but are most common in the United Kingdom, Ireland, continental Europe and some parts of North America. Therefore, with a keen eye, we can spot these swollen, wart-filled “fingers” in every corner of nature.

Those who want to admire these strange treasures should look for them in rotten tree stumps or rotten wood, especially hardwoods such as oak.

Dead Man’s Fingers frequently appear through layers of moss and rotting leaves, as the fungus only lives on dead or dying wood, a key element that adds to their ghostly presence. According to First Nature, Xylaria polymorpha is  not generally considered edible, which limits its culinary potential.

Regan Daniels discovered these spooky mushroom clusters  while exploring a North Carolina park, accidentally adding them to her fascinating collection.

Surprisingly, these macabre sculptures are accompanied by a group of  mushrooms of the same species  from a rotting tree stump.

Although some critics doubt the legitimacy of the photos, claiming they have been photoshopped, it is necessary to emphasize that these mushrooms are real. Countless fascinating photos have been discovered online to prove the existence of this unique animal.

“I found this mushroom in western North Carolina, USA, in a park I frequent,” Regan told Bored Panda. He went on to add, “The walk is beautiful [and] close to the French Broad River so there are a lot of beautiful views.” »
Although her discovery took place in a famous area, the specimens she discovered appeared to be extremely well preserved.
Due to its terrifying appearance, only a few people dare handle or consume the Dead Man’s Fingers mushroom, making its presence virtually unknown.
This forced neglect allows these wonderful examples to remain pristine and impressive in nature.