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15 Things Only Chihuahua Dog Owners Understand

A tiny dog breeds but big on personality, the chihuahua is a popular dog due to adorable personality. Despite being a toy breed, these dogs are excellent competitors in canine sports, including agility and obedience. They’re suitable for apartment dwellers and for novice owners. If you want to know more about this breed, make sure to read until the end.

1. Chihuahuas love to sunbaes

These dogs have so much appreciation for the sunlight that if you suddenly find your chihuahua missing, check the areas of your home where sunlight can pass through most of the time.

 2. Think they’re big dogs

Chihuahuas don’t know how small they are. They think that they’re big dogs. That’s why they won’t hesitate to take it on with a bigger dog or a human or anything that annoys them. Because of this, this breed is surely to keep you on your toes every time you’re around bigger dogs or strangers.

3. Chihuahuas love to burrow

Themselves in a blanket most chihuahua owners say that the dog loves to burrow themselves in a blanket we already know that they’re so small, so it’s important to check on our sofa or bed before lying down just to make sure that there is no chihuahua hiding under the blanket.

 4. Chihuahuas will own you

Chihuahuas love to be the center of attention and they want to be included in every family activity. Although they don’t easily trust people, they crave for their loved one’s attention and will do anything to get that for this reason, it’s important that you spend enough time to bond one-on-one your chihuahua they can also be sensitive and their feelings might get hurt quickly. Sometimes they are bossy or aggressive if not given enough socialization and training. Keep in mind that not all chihuahuas will have this behavior it still depends on their genes and how they were raised by their owners.

5. Chihuahuas are noisy

This characteristic of chihuahuas makes them among the top 10 watchdogs recommended by experts despite them being really small. Although they cannot scare off intruders they’ll surely let you know approximately it, but they may be so alert that they may additionally allow you to recognize if any person walks with the aid of using or if there are leaves falling off your tree. They like to bark a lot, so they may not prevent it till the stranger leaves the best element is that they may be skilled to govern their bark and now no longer simply to bark on whatever they see consequently in case you stay in a place with noise regulations you then definitely may rethink having this breed.

6. Chihuahuas are often mistaken for Rats

Many owners would agree that once in their lives they were asked if their pet is a rat while some thought of this is a funny joke it can actually be a bit annoying for some chihuahua.

7. Chihuahuas make rituals on their food

It’s common for chihuahuas to do a ritual with their food such as picking up one piece of food then bringing it to the other side of the room before eating it some also tend to walk around the bowl before eating as if they’re making some prayer before devouring their food if you have a chihuahua who does odd rituals as well make sure to comment them down below we’d love to hear more about the rituals of these lovable dogs.

8. Chihuahuas are just too cute something

That not anyone can take away from these dogs is how cute they are from pup to being a mature dog their charm does not decrease they’re so lovable to the point that once you own one you can help but add another one to your home their cuteness is so powerful that sometimes if not all the time your anger can all escape once they begin to stare fondly into your eyes one look and you suddenly forgot that they sneak.

9. Chihuahuas use their paws to get

Their owner’s attention many chihuahua owners claim that their dog loves to use their paws to get their attention this is one of the many ways of chihuahuas to say that they really want to get belly rubs they want to go out they need to go to the bathroom and so much more, therefore, it’s important that their nails more so it is vital that their nails are forever clipped therefore as to not get dog scratches on your body.

10. Chihuahuas easily hiver

Another thing you should keep in mind when you’re planning to get a Chihuahua is there vulnerable to shivering particularly if they are cold excited and even frightened for this reason ensure to produce them forever with a coat or a sweater especially during the cold season don’t worry unlike other dogs this breed is a fashionista who will enjoy different kinds of looks?

11. Chihuahuas should not be left alone outside

If you have a backyard makes sure not to leave your chihuahua unattended since they are tiny dogs they can easily be attacked by wild prey such as hawks.

Other giant birds larger dogs and even coyotes so if they’re gaily enjoying outside ensure that you simply or a loved one is checking au fait them obviously they should never live outside they thrive around their family members and the best place for them to sleep is next to you.

12. Chihuahuas need daily exercice

Being an active and fun-loving dog chihuahuas need exercise of about 20 to 30 minutes per day actually they can do much longer than you’d expect so it’s important to monitor their daily exercise as a result of the solely will not recognize once to prevent one style of exercise is to allow them to chase bugs in your yard however they’ll additionally get pleasure from a decent come in the park as well as retrieving toys just make sure to always provide them with water to cool themselves down after a vigorous workout.

13. Chihuahuas tend to have favorites

It is common for chihuahuas to be closer to one or two people although it does not mean they cannot get along well with other family members it’s just that they’ll demand more of your attention and love more than anyone else they also tend to be unfriendly towards strangers although they can be aloof at first this can be curbed through early socialization and proper training.

14. Training a chihuahua is a fun activity

Chihuahuas are intelligent dogs who will enjoy learning tricks and commands in fact they can successfully be trained in various dog sports including agility and obedience however if you to have your dog as a companion it is important that they learn basic obedience coaching by enrolling them in puppy preschool participating them in such activities can permit them to meet new individuals and dogs thus contributing to socialization compared to other dogs house training them is relatively easy so long as you’re consistent with the schedule.

15. The chihuahua is a long-lived breed

Generally, the chihuahua is a healthy breed and does not have any major health issues although of course they may still acquire some health concerns a well-maintained chihuahua can live for up to 18 years but he may suffer from certain health conditions such as patellar luxation hypoglycemia heart murmurs pulmonic stenosis collapse trachea hydrocephalus open fontanel and shivering make sure that your dog receives his regularly veterinary checkup so that he stays healthy and strong.

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