Earthly hedgehogs: how to take care of their diet

The hedgehogs are besides in their diet because they are insectivorous omnivores. Then learn from what food your beautiful little pinchudo needs.

The hedgehogs are unique and very special beings, just like their diet. They need a high protein food, so it is recommended to give them special food manufactured for the hedgehogs because they contain balanced nutrients and a quantity of energy to cover their nutritional needs. By knowing what a hedgehog should eat, you can make better food choices for your treat.

opular among the hedgehogs. But beware! You should avoid nuts.
You can also give him vegetables. Fresh tomatoes, green beans and baked pumpkin or soft potato squash are healthy and widely accepted. Avoid starchy vegetables, such as corn, potatoes and carrots.

The hard eggs are also a good source of protein, you can offer a small portion twice a week to vary its diet.

How much and when feeding your hedgehog

The hedgehogs are subject to obesity, so it is essential to control the amount of food you give them. In general, commercial foods bring a table that indicates the amount of food you need to give according to the ideal weight that your pinchudo must have.

    An adult hedgehog eats between one and two tablespoons concentrated food per day and fruits, vegetables and insects together should not exceed a teaspoon a day.

    The hedgehogs are more active at night, so it is normal that they eat at that hour and not during the day. Any non-consumed food must be thrown overnight to prevent it from spoiling or being infested with ants or other insects.

    Remember that your friend always has fresh water at his disposal. For this you can use plates that do not tip or bottle they drink without problem.

    As with any other pet, when you adopt your hedgehog, the first thing to do is take it to the veterinarian for a general health check. Consult with him the details of his diet and any questions you may have.

The hedgehog, in addition to having a cute and cuddly appearance, is a small animal that requires different care and attention. We tell you here what you need to know to have one of these healthy pets and happy at home.

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