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4 Things Puppy Owners Should Never Do.

When a new puppy comes home there are many things that you surely want to do with him, such as teaching him tricks, playing with him and going on many adventures pampering him. However, there are rules that you must establish for them and acts that you must not allow from the beginning, since they can be difficult to remove once they grow up, such as disobeying or barking. For this reason, we bring you some acts that you should not do when your canine is  a puppy according to the experts of the American Kennel Club. 

Don’t always give them treats

One of the most important tips that you should take into account is that you should not give your puppy too many treats, since he must follow a balanced diet. It is worth mentioning that, if you get used to it badly, you can make it beg, cry or misbehave for a piece of what you are eating. These should be given when they behave well, obey or on special occasions.

Rules are forever

Dogs can get confused if you don’t follow your own rules. For example, if you let him sit or sleep on the couch for a moment, but not the next day. You must be very punctual with your own rules so that he can understand what you want him to do and what limits he has. 

Your home should always be safe

Your home must be a safe place where your puppy is not in danger of falling or hurting himself, you must take care of everything, even the substances that could harm him. They are small, therefore, they tend to be curious and take everything within their reach, so be sure to store medicine and toxic substances. 

Bad behavior must be stopped

When they are small they are usually sweet and any mischief is tolerable just because they look cute, however, once they grow up this becomes negative, so you should discard any inappropriate behavior and start training, either with basic commands or essential exercises according to their age and size. 

Now that you know these things and what you should not allow your puppy to do so that he behaves well when he grows up, you must take into account that you do not have to be strict, just teach him that there are limits.

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