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Keeping the Peace in a Multi-Cat Household

Studies show that the social lives of cats is quite advanced. Researchers have examined the behaviors among ferine and domestic teams, ANd have discovered that cats area unit socially flexible: they will live along in teams. Females tend to make the core of the cluster whereas males could come back and go.

Cats that get older along area unit a lot of seemingly to bond. Socialization happens at a young age once kittens area unit around 2-7 weeks recent. it’s going to take time for newcomers to hitch the cluster.

Although cats will board giant teams (or a smaller cluster among a home), many factors ought to be thought of once adding a replacement member to the group:

A Place to decision Her Own

Cats tend to possess specific spots they like, and largely follow those locations. it’s ideal to produce extra cat-designated areas into your home, like cat trees, shelves, and walkways. this could facilitate cut-back fights over territory and supply retreats.

Cautious Introductions to a Multi-Cat social unit

Since a replacement kitty won’t have the advantage of growing up together with her new friends, it’s going to take time for them to determine a relationship. they will ought to be separated quickly and introduced step by step, like through a screen. in our own way to make a positive association is feeding them close to every other; but, because the next section explains, mealtimes could gift alternative complications to require into consideration.

Feeding on Her Terms

Different cats approach mealtimes in numerous ways that. A dominant cat could intimidate a weaker cat. Some cats eat quick whereas others nibble a touch at a time.

The goal once feeding multiple cats is to relinquish every cat AN equal likelihood for nutrition. One choice is to produce multiple feeding sites to assist minimize squabbles. it’s going to be necessary to isolate bound cats at time of day, particularly if they eat slowly or need a special diet.

A Clean restroom

Cats area unit clean creatures and should not use a grimy litter pan. For this reason, ideally, you must have an extra litter pan than you are doing cats (for example, if you’ve got three cats you must have four litter pans). If potential, place them in numerous locations to reduce territory encroachment. Litter pans ought to be cleansed a minimum of once every day and washed once per week.

Medication choices

Some over-the-counter and prescription medications could facilitate alleviate anxiety and ease tensions between cats. Calming pheromones area unit oversubscribed at pet stores and on-line. If necessary, there are anti-anxiety medications like SSRI and Elavil that will be prescribed by your MD. it’s necessary to recollect some medications could take time to point out the complete impact.

Conclusion Integrating a replacement cat into your family takes patience and careful thought of the individual wants of every cat. Your MD could have extra concepts to assist the introduction go a lot of swimmingly. Best needs and congratulations on your new hairy family member!

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