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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog: activities and gifts

If you want to do something special to your dog on Valentine’s Day, you don’t need a lot of money, just plan the activities well.

Not for nothing is it thought that man’s best friend is the dog , and it is that they are always with their loved ones, through thick and thin. If you want to thank him for his friendship by celebrating the Day of Love and Friendship or also known internationally as Valentine’s Day , you can do some activities with him or give him something he likes like food, cookies or a toy for dogs . The American Kennel Club dog care experts give some recommendations so that this day does not go unnoticed and you celebrate it with your furry friend.  

American Kennel Club is an organization of dog experts that give rabbits, and knowing the importance of these animals in a family nucleus, they gave a list of activities and some gifts to give him.  

What activities to do with a dog on Valentine’s Day or Day of Love and Friendship? 

Dogs are very intelligent and a great source of unconditional love, so they too deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day , where love and friendship are valued. That’s why AKC gives some activities you can do with your furry .  

  • Go for a walk to your favorite park. 
  • New obedience commands. You can teach him some new tricks, accompanied by pampering and lots of treats.  
  • Date night. Whether it’s a movie or just eating your favorite snacks. 
  • Picnic. In a park they can make a romantic date where the two spend time playing and eating what they like best.  
  • A grooming day. Take him for a bath, trim his nails, a day at the spa might suit him. 
  • Play with him/her. 
  • Being together all day. Carry out all the activities so that you are happy.  
  • An afternoon of caresses.  

What to give a dog on Valentine’s Day? 

Thanks to the large market for dog objects , there are many things that you can give to your furry friend, such as the following: 

  • A collar on a leash 
  • A sweater or clothes  
  • Dog toys such as soft toys and balls with sound  
  • A new food bowl  
  • Shipping company 
  • dog biscuits 
  • Candies 
  • meat envelopes 
  • A cake made by yourself 

Undoubtedly, these are many plans that surely both of you will love to do or you will really like the gifts that you can give him.

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