The birds. It smacks of exoticism. But these charming birds require a chosen diet, a pleasant habitat, proper hygiene and care, and even some distractions. So I take you on this trip and make you discover fascinating species.

  • 8 Top Quiet Pet Bird Species for Peaceful Households

    The allure of pet birds is undeniable. Their vibrant colors, playful antics, and melodic songs can bring joy to any…

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  • 8 Most Gentle Pet Bird Species with photo

    8 Most Gentle Pet Bird Species with photo

    1. Budgerigar: Also known as the Budgie, this small and social bird is an excellent choice for first-time pet bird…

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  • Gouldian finch

    Gouldian finch

    Originally from Australia, the Gouldian finch displays magnificent plumage colors. It is also a bird with a very pleasant temperament,…

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  • The Cost of Purchasing and Caring for a Pet Bird

    How important will it bring to buy the raspberry you want? It depends on the species and whether you are…

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  • diamond dove

    Diamond Dove

    Other name: Diamond geopelia Scientific name: Geopelia cuneata Family :Columbidae Gender :Geo game Weight :From 40g to 50g Cut :From 19cm to 21cm Life…

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  • Canary

    Scientific name: Serinus canaria Family :Fringillidae Gender : Serinus Weight : From 15g to 30g Cut : From 12cm to 20cm Life expectancy : From…

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  • How to properly feed the birds in the garden?

    The protection of catcalls is everyone’s business. Let’s help our little feathered creatures get through the extreme course of downtime…

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  • Rosy-faced lovebird

    Rosy-faced lovebird

    Other name: Peach-faced Lovebird Scientific name: Agapornis roseicollis Family : Psittacidae Gender :Agapornis Weight : From 43 g to 63 g Cut : From…

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  • How to properly take care of a parakeet?

    Parakeets gradationally populate our innards, and tend to replace the sparrows of Japan, or the talebearers. It’s clearly for its…

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