100 Names for Dogs inspired by Nature

Are you looking for a name for your dog inspired by nature ? You have come to the right place, since we bring you a list with 100 names for male or female that will surely help you. With the following options you will be able to name your new pet in a very original and beautiful way, because without a doubt, what is natural stimulates the imagination.

Nature – inspired dog names range from gemstones, rivers, to a herb . When choosing one, it is important to take your time and think about which one best suits the personality of your pet, since according to the AKC or American Kennel Club , it is the first bond that will unite you with your pet , and Preferably it should be short and concise so that it is easier for your dog to learn it.

Nature-inspired dog names with meaning

  1. Caden: Swampland
  2. Canyon: Gorge
  3. Cephas: Greek for rock or stone
  4. Cedar: Tree
  5. Clay: Type of soil 
  6. cricket: insect
  7. Charcoal: Charred wood
  8. Copper: Element
  9. Colorado: Colorful
  10. Clover: Three-leafed plant
  11. Cypress: Strong
  12. Valley or Dael: The one who lives in the valley
  13. Denver: The one that belongs to the green valley
  14. Dusty: From dust
  15. Echo: Sounds of open space
  16. Elm: Deciduous tree
  17. Everest: highest mountain in the world
  18. Eco: Latin for Environment
  19. fern: the plant
  20. flower: like a flower
  21. Flint: Rock 
  22. Green: Color
  23. Jasper: Spotted stone
  24. Juniper: Evergreen, spirit of youth
  25. Ka: Ocean in Hawaiian
  26. Kalani: Heaven
  27. Karma: The Law of the Universe
  28. Lupo: Wolf in Italian
  29. Marin: One who loves the ocean in French
  30. Mammoth: Lava Dome in California / animal
  31. Maple: The Tree
  32. Mercury: Atomic element or planet
  33. Nickel: Metal
  34. Niraj: lotus flower
  35. Wind: Blowing air
  36. Zola: Earth
  37. Sage: The grass
  38. Sequoia: One of the largest trees in the world
  39. Seine: Paris River
  40. Shade: Light cast
  41. sun: star
  42. fern: plant
  43. Poplar: Tree
  44. Birch: thin-leaved tree
  45. Blue: Color
  46. Brin: Like a hill
  47. Stream: A stream of water
  48. Bramble: purple flower
  49. Animal bear
  50. Aster: A plant from the daisy family

Names for dogs inspired by nature with meaning

  1. Dakota: Kind companion
  2. Darya: Ocean in Persian
  3. Farley: Woodland Cleanup
  4. Gaia: Living organism of the earth in Greek
  5. Goldie: Inspired by the precious metal
  6. Grove: Gathering of Trees
  7. Honey: From bees
  8. Hill: Geographical Feature
  9. Kalani: Heaven
  10. Laurel: evergreen tree
  11. Moon: Earth’s natural satellite
  12. Rain
  13. Skye: from Heaven
  14. Iris: Colors of the rainbow
  15. Fleur- Flower
  16. Aria: Air in Italian
  17. Achley: Oak Meadow
  18. Basil: aromatic herb
  19. Caden: Swampland
  20. Cepha: Rock or stone in Greek
  21. dove: bird
  22. Farley: Forest Cleanup
  23. Goldie: Inspired by the precious metal
  24. Angel
  25. Kodiak: United States Islands
  26. maple: tree
  27. Mango: delicious fruit
  28. Juniper: Spirit of youth
  29. Niraj: lotus flower
  30. Orion: Rising in the sky
  31. Crest: Backbone of a mountain
  32. Sahara: Desert
  33. Siena: Earth used as a pigment in paint
  34. Mauve: Purple Hue Color / Plant
  35. Cherry: Cherry
  36. Strawberry: Fruit
  37. Hazelnut: Nut
  38. Coral: Marine Animal
  39. Nova: Astronomical Event
  40. Oasis: Desert place
  41. Peony: Plant
  42. Pearl: tissue of a mollusk
  43. Stormy: Stormy
  44. Rose: Rose in English
  45. Earth: Earth
  46. Violet: Color
  47. lilac
  48. hilly 
  49. Sky
  50. Cloud

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