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Doga type of Yoga

Learn all about Doga, an ideal type of Yoga for the tranquility of dogs

Did you know that not only humans practice yoga? We introduce you to this ancient practice used as a relaxation method, now also for dogs.

Yoga is known as a traditional discipline born in India , which seeks to strengthen people on a spiritual, physical and mental level, so little by little it is gaining more popularity worldwide, so much so that it has even reached the life of pets, particularly dogs, who are also trained to practice Doga , a type of Yoga ideal for your peace of mind .

Some specialists are recommending this physical-mental practice for the benefits it has, as it is an activity that also helps canines to have a better connection with their human guardians through asana , that is, a series of postures that allow a better step. to body energy. If you are also looking to innovate the relationship you have with your pet , we invite you to find out more details.

Doga, the ideal Yoga for relaxation of dogs

As you can imagine, the word Doga comes from the combination between Yoga and Dog (dog in English), and has various purposes. “DOGA’s objective is that both dogs and people relax through postures inspired by yoga and applying massage techniques for dogs. It does not matter the age, size or breed of the dog, what is essential is to respect the space and rhythm of each dog without forcing”, .

Of course, it is a whole process that requires patience, since teaching your four-legged friend to practice it will require time and effort, but the ideal is to make the most of the advantages it can have in their lives. In addition, it is an activity that can be practiced perfectly from the comfort of your home, which is recommended by experts.

“The best thing to start with is to do it at home. The ideal is to create an environment conducive to relaxation. With dim lighting, music, aromatherapy,” added Patricia. So to get started, you just have to get a special yoga mat and approximately 12 minutes of your time. For the rest, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the massage for dogs , which will be learned and perfected with practice.

The dog training expert advises that: “Massages without harm, very soft and respecting the natural movement of the dog. Always from the bottom up, in the direction of the heart.” Afterwards, she will continue to learn about body postures , where the most important thing is to stimulate the muscles of the dogs through stretching.

It is worth mentioning that it also has medical benefits for people and for canines, as it will help prevent injuries or future contractures . It is important that you take into account that it is an adaptation process, where dogs should not feel any discomfort doing basic postures such as “cow cat” or “child”.

The purpose of these exercises should always be inclined towards the quality of life of your pet, which means that delicate massages are never neglected at each step.

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