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7 Reasons why Dogs eat their Poop

Causes and how to prevent it from happening.

From drinking water from the toilet, rolling around in the mud to licking his butt, are some common habits that dogs exhibit , but what has become the focus of attention for pet owners , is that he eats his own poop . According to a study presented to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior , researchers led by Dr. Benjamin Hart of the University of California, Davis, United States , found that one in six dogs were caught eating feces up to five times , while four out of six did so at least once.

If you have a puppy at home and you notice that it has this type of habit, don’t worry, the British organization of dog breeders’ clubs  The Kennel Club , explains the 7 reasons why dogs eat their poop , the causes and how prevent your pet from doing it.

7 reasons why a dog eats its feces

The act of eating excrement is also known as coprophagia, and according to the British foundation, it is a normal behavior for many canines, so there are several reasons why they do it :

  • They like its flavor and texture.
  • They contain information about who and what ate.
  • It is a behavior that they learned from the mother when they were puppies.
  • The excrement obtains some nutrient that they did not take advantage of in the first digestion.
  • They are hungry looking for something to eat.
  • They are bored, stressed or anxious.
  • They may have a medical condition such as diabetes, digestion and/or thyroid problems,
    parasites, steroid effects, or dementia.

What happens if a dog eats its feces?

Although it is unpleasant for people, eating poop  is usually relatively harmless for dogs. However, the organization of canine breeders clubs in the United Kingdom ensures that there is always the risk of contracting parasites , viruses and bacteria , since by ingesting feces  they are in danger of becoming infected with hookworms, intestinal worms and whipworms , which affect your health. For this, it is recommended to make sure that your pet is dewormed regularly and always talk to the veterinarian to obtain the necessary recommendations.

How to prevent a dog from eating poop?

According to The Kennel Club , there is the possibility of preventing your pet from eating feces, so they advise following these recommendations:

  • Teach your dog to “no, leave it there” as this command can help keep him from pooping when you’re out for walks or at home. To do this, you must be very patient and positive when you try to educate him.
  • If he chooses not to eat it, praise him and give him a lot of attention so that next time he learns that by rejecting it, he will receive love.
  • Distract him by giving him something else to put in his mouth, like a ball or a toy.
  • Make sure you always pick up his waste as quickly as possible so he can’t ingest it, and also prevent other animals from doing so.
  • Try  to feed him more regularly so he doesn’t do this act out of hunger.
  • If you can’t stop your pet from eating feces, always make sure to give him something to eat or drink after he does so to help him rinse his mouth. Do not let him lick you, and always wash your hands well if you come into contact with his snout or saliva. Also keep up to date with their antiparasitic treatments and consult a veterinary doctor on the subject. This way you will take care of the health of your pet and yours.

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