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How to Train Your Dog to Not Pee in the House

The Positive Tinkling Method

Bringing home a replacement dog is tons of fun! But those first few weeks can be quite the hassle. Both you and your pup need to get used to life with each other. for many puppies, this suggests learning where they should – and should – not pee!

You’ll lose the rose-colored glasses of puppyhood fast if your house starts to smell sort of a kennel. Some dogs just do not know where they are supposed “go.” Others try to claim various possessions by sprinkling them with their signature scent. Either way, you’re likely to want your pooch to not pee in your house.

Defining Tasks

Teaching your dog to pee only outdoors is known as house steaming. It’s quite common for puppies to learn this hygiene routine, but sometimes older dogs need to learn it too. this is often often the case of rescue dogs, or dogs who have lived their entire life outdoors.

The goal is to assist your four-legged friend understand that peeing should only happen when the dog is out of the house. Eventually, you’ll even train your dog to pee on command! But you’ve got to crawl before you run. Most pups will have to start at the very beginning of housebreaking. and therefore the whole process may take several months to perfect!

Getting Started

To help you on your puppy-potty-training journey, you are going to need a few things. Below are some essentials to help get the job done.

Treats: whenever your dog piddles in the right spot, you’ll be wanting to give her lots of treats, so stock up!

Cleaning Supplies: information – your dog is going to make some messes. it’s going to seem like every time you come home there is a puddle waiting for you. But the proper cleaning supplies can help with the problem. Get something that’s enzyme based so that no scent remains.

Patience: it is easy to get frustrated when you feel like there isn’t any progress. But anger will only confuse your puppy. Keep a cool head and only scold your dog if you catch her in the act.

It’s important to mention that in rare cases, your pooch might be peeing inside because of a health problem. Take the dog in for a check-up to be sure all is well.

Following are some of the best tried and true ways to teach your dog to keep the urine on the grass and off of the carpets. No matter which one you choose, remember that consistency is key!

The Scheduled Appointments Method

1 Rise and shine

Each and every day, as soon as your pup wakes up, take him out (even if there’s still sleep in your eyes)!

2/ Establish routine

Feed him breakfast at the same time each morning. Also provide a bowl of water. Bring him back outside between 5 and 30 minutes after breakfast.

3/ Watch and walk

Monitor throughout the day when your dog drinks alcohol.ensure to head right back out there 5–30 minutes after water intake.

4/ Evening drill

Serve dinner at the identical time each night. Let the dog out once more shortly after dinner. don’t put out bowls of water after dinner time to lower the chance of a bed time accident.

The Scent-Free Method

1/ Preparations

 Go out and buy a cleaner specifically for dog urine. Regular detergents will not remove odors.whether or not you can’t tell there was pee on the floor, your dog’s amazing nose can still probably pick it up.

2/ Clean promptly

If in the least possible, don’t let messes sit! They will soak deeper into your floor the longer they are left, becoming harder and harder to wash .

3/ Indicate an honest spot

If employing a cloth towel to clean up, place the soiled one outside where you want your fur buddy to go instead.

4/ Neutralize

Spray the location of the accident with the cleaner. Be generous, you do not want your dog getting confused by the smell of his own golden fluids and deciding that your living room is his toilet. Read the instructions! Some cleaners require you to allow them to sit for a while before you sop them up. regardless of the directions are, follow all of them , otherwise you might as well not bother.

The Positive Tinkling Method

1/ Be vigilant

From the instant your pooch wakes up until they rest their eyes at night, watch them! If this suggests taking off a few days of work, attempt to arrange it if at all possible.

2/ Run!

Whenever the puppy starts sniffing or circling, get out – and fast!

3/ Celebrate!

If you guys make it call at time and your fur-baby succeeds, praise him like crazy! Even dish out some treats so the dog associates outside peeing with a good time.

4/ Be understanding

Don’t get angry if you spot a foul-smelling yellow puddle on your floor. If the dog has urinated, it’s too late to fix it.

5/ Introduce a command

When your dog starts to “go” outside more consistently, start to offer a command like “do your business” or “potty time” each time the dog exits. this manner the pooch will be able to eliminate on command, which is super awesome for walks and road trips!

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