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10 Ways Dogs Show Love

1. They provide unconditional love – Dogs give love and companionship to those who care for them no matter what.

2. They provide comfort and security – Dogs are great for providing comfort and a sense of security with their cuddling, tail-wagging, and warm presence.

3. They greet you with excitement – Dogs often get excited when they see you and greet you with enthusiasm, showing how much they missed you while you were away.

4. They follow you everywhere – Dogs often follow you around the house or the yard, showing how much they care by wanting to stay near you.

5. They may bring you gifts – Dogs may bring you their favorite toy or stick as a sign of their affectionate towards you.

How to Teach Your dog not to Lick

6. They make eye contact – Dogs often make eye contact with their humans to show that they understand and care about them.

7. They snuggle up – Dogs will often climb up onto your lap or snuggle up against you to express their love and appreciation.

8. They can sense your emotions – Dogs can often sense when their human is feeling sad or stressed, and will react accordingly to try to show their support.

9. They lick you – Licking is one of a dog’s most common ways of showing affection and love.

10. They protect their humans – Dogs can be very protective of their human and will go to great lengths to ensure they stay safe, showing how much they care.

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