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Discover The 4 Basic Rules for a Perfect walk with your Dog

Are you doing everything you can to be a respectful dog owner? In an Instagram post, trainer and behaviorist Nikki Mather revealed the four golden rules of good dog walking behavior. Discover them!

1. Handle your dogIf your dog walks off-leash, you should pay particular attention to interaction with other animals during the walk.“If you see a dog approaching on a leash, it is your responsibility to call him or put him on a leash,” Mather explained in the post.According to the expert, a dog on a leash can become afraid, react, be trained or recover from an injury. Remember this and never let your dog near a dog on a leash without the owner’s permission.

2. Be respectful“Most people don’t like it when their dog runs up to them and jumps on them.Don’t let your dog interact with people uninvited. If your dog has a tendency to run away and you don’t have a 100 percent reliable memory, keep him on a leash,” Mather said.

3. Collect fecesWe know this is one of the worst parts of owning a dog, but it’s also just a matter of common courtesy to take care of your pup. “It shouldn’t even be said: Always pick up your dog’s poop!” Mather warned.Picking up your dog is a non-negotiable rule. Dog feces can spread diseases and parasites to people and other dogs. According to the expert, it is dangerous and damages the reputation of dog owners if they do not pick up their dog.

4. Watch outYou are responsible for your dog’s actions and your priority should be keeping him and others safe.Talking on the phone while walking your dog divides your attention and impairs your ability to react quickly if something goes wrong.“Walking your dog is an opportunity to bond and relax, so leave the phone behind and enjoy it,” the trainer added.

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