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what temperature is too cold for cats in winter

Many people believe that cats ‘ fur protects them from cold climates, and although there are feline breeds that are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, most domestic cats are sensitive during this season, so take precautions with your cat. pet, we tell you what temperature a cat can withstand in winter, according to information from veterinarians.

Although felines are known to be feisty, resilient and independent with their daily care, it is the responsibility of their owners to prevent them from catching a cold when the heat goes down, and like any other pet they also require help regulating their body temperature, it is for This is why the first thing to know is how many degrees it is cold for cats , in addition to knowing how to protect them in winter.

What temperature can a cat support in the winter season?

According to specialists at Care Animal Hospital , who cite the American Veterinary Medical Association , this important question is answered more accurately by taking into account different factors, such as age, breed, coat type, health , and body mass. of the feline However, the average temperature that can be in houses in winter is 7 degrees , which is quite cold for cats.

If domestic cats come into contact with an environment that handles 0 degrees Celsius , they run the risk of frostbite or feline hypothermia . This occurs when your body temperature drops dangerously low or below 37 degrees. Symptoms displayed are:

  • cold clammy skin
  • Dilated pupils
  • low heart rate
  • Chills in excess
  • slow or labored breathing
  • Slow response to stimuli or commands
  • Stiff or slow movements
  • weakness and lethargy

5 tips to keep your cat warm in the cold season

  1. Adjust the thermostat. If in your house you have the opportunity to regulate the degrees of the interior, it would be ideal. Cats with large bodies or thick fur need temperatures between 20 and 22 degrees, so don’t forget to keep the place where they spend the most time warm.
  2. Find an ideal area for your rest. Cats are selective about their resting areas, and these can vary in winter. They will look for the warmest areas, so you can place a blanket near the window that they like the most or keep the curtains closed.
  3. Don’t forget the blanket on his bed. Look for a comfortable mattress and warm fabrics so that your pet wants to stay on top of them. Round beds are ideal for attracting your attention and keeping you warm.
  4. Prepare a special diet for the winter. In this season you can increase the amount of food you give your cat so that it has more calories to burn and thus stays warmer.
  5. Choose a good sweater. The clothes you choose for your kitten should not be loose so that they can retain heat in their bodies, nor too tight so that they do not feel uncomfortable or cause irritation. Look for a sweater with the right size and you will see that it will not suffer cold.

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