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Why Does My Cat Follow Me To The Bathroom?

If you have adopted a cat, the chances are bright that you will not enjoy privacy in your bathroom ever again.

A bathroom is certainly the most private area of your home, a place where you should get some time alone. But your feline friend completely disagrees.

You might be enjoying a shower and do not need any company, but your kitty feels you do. Or, maybe you want to use the toilet. Certainly, you cannot even imagine why anyone would want to be with you then, but your kitty will want to be with you even during that activity.

1. They Feel Vulnerable

Cats are known to be very skilled predators, and they will gladly swat at their prey animals. But, when you are not around, your kitty can suddenly feel vulnerable. They may have a fear of being attacked by some unknown predator.

Your cat considers you to be their source of comfort and safety. So, when you are behind a closed door, even for a few minutes, they may not feel fully protected and thus want to be with you again to feel safe and comfortable.

2. Out of Curiosity

Cats are curious by nature, and this curiosity stems from their territorial nature. Your feline friend always wants to know what is happening in their territory. Also, they want to make sure you do not do anything that may attract predators. For this, they always have to keep a watch on you.

Since your home, including your bathroom, is your cat’s territory, you do not have the authority to shut them away even for a few minutes. At least, this is the way your cat thinks.

When you close the bathroom door, your cat may feel you are doing something mysterious, and they may then want to know everything right away. And thus, you shall get no privacy.

3. You Are Captive

Cats learn fast. They quickly understand the fact that when humans are seated in the bathroom they will not be able to go anywhere, at least for a few minutes.

Your feline friend knows that you are then a captive audience and have no choice but to pet them the way they want.

4. They Simply Like You

The lives of domestic cats are quite uneventful and you perhaps are what they find most entertaining. So, when you go to the bathroom they want to follow you so that they get to see what you are doing next.

Many cats even sit on the vanity and watch their humans when they do their hair or brush their teeth, completely mesmerized.


So, now that you know why your cats follow you to the bathroom, do not be amazed or bothered by this action. And, even if you are bothered, who cares? It is your feline friend’s territory, and they will do what they please.

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