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Why do cats bite? Main reasons

Although a domestic cat is used to showering you with caresses and making it clear with its purr how good it feels by your side, there are times when it can give you a scare by giving you a sudden bite. Do you wonder why cats bite for no apparent reason? The causes can be several and it is convenient to identify them to know their reasons. Let’s see which are the most common.

Each kitty has its own character

You should keep in mind that not all cats respond in the same way. If there is something that distinguishes felines, it is their independence, which makes each one have a very defined personality. Therefore, your mission is to understand what each pussycat enjoys and what not, in addition to identifying the areas of the body where he does want you to caress him and respect that there are others where he prefers that you keep your distance . Sometimes, a bite is his way of telling you: “hey, you don’t know, NO there!”

Bites are used to communicate with you

Although we believe that they love endless pampering, they can also get tired of so much attention. So if you’ve been stroking him for a long time and suddenly feel a quick nip on your hand, it’s just a warning to stop, because he’s had enough of your love. He may feel overwhelmed, so it’s best to stop touching him and wait for him to be interested in something else. Never lose your cool or get angry with him . In these cases it is important to pay attention to his body language. Observing him you will know what is the degree of annoyance of him. Getting to know each other is a long process and, over time, both of you will get to know your limits and preferences better. It is also possible that he bites because of pain, for example if he suffers from someoral problem that causes pain in your teeth or gums .

Why do cats bite they play?

It can also happen that the bite comes without warning when they are playing. This is more common when, from an early age, they have been taught to play by nibbling on hands . Sure, a kitten’s little fangs don’t hurt, but if she gets into the habit of doing it as an adult, they won’t be so harmless. If from puppies we use toys at fun time , we will prevent them from being tempted to bite us when they grow up. The ideal, in this case, is to resort to toys such as dusters or balls that make noise. This will divert your attention from our hands.

Cats can also bite for affection

Some cats can take the occasional bite in a situation of excessive happiness. If the two of you have a very close relationship, it can bite you slightly. It’s his way of showing how much he loves you . If you prefer to prevent it from repeating itself or prevent it from going any further, you should decrease the intensity of the caresses. If you also use positive reinforcement to reward displays of affection without biting, you will have taken a big step toward getting rid of this behavior. But happiness is not always the reason, sometimes these acts occur because it detects some kind of danger.

On the defensive: bites out of fear

A feline may bite if it is in a stressful situation or if it feels threatened. The normal thing, in these situations, is that he uses his nails to defend himself, but his teeth are also a powerful weapon (so it does not hurt to have his nails well cut ). Do not stop paying attention to him if you think he is scared, because he could run away or hurt someone. When a cat is afraid, his ears fold back and he tends to hiss constantly.

Other more complex reasons to identify

Do you think that the cause of their bites is not due to any of these reasons? In that case there may be another more complex explanation. In order to determine what is happening to our cat, it is best to seek the answer from an ethologist. That is, a specialist in cat behavior . If there is an aggressiveness problem, it is important that you remedy it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the situation could get complicated. Also, never underestimate the damage that an aggressive cat can cause us or someone close to us. So now you know: if a feline bites and you manage to find out why, you will know how to solve it and you will be able to restore harmony in the relationship. And now tell us, have you ever suffered a cannibal bite from your ball of fur? How did you fix it?

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