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Abyssinian Cat: What is its price and how to know if it is original

Do you want to bring home an Abyssinian cat? We tell you how much it costs in the Mexican Republic and the main characteristics of a purebred specimen 

The Abyssinian cat has an uncertain origin, but it is believed that they come from Egypt and have come to win the hearts of many people who want to have one at home. And it is that their copper fur, their big eyes and affectionate personality make them adorable, so if you want to have one here we will tell you its price in Mexico and the characteristics of an original one . 

The cost of an Abyssinian cat can vary depending on various factors. Take into account that if you want a purebred one, the price may change depending on the type of kennel. According to the International Cat Association or TICA , for its acronym in English, these cats tend to be quite affectionate, but they also require care that you must include in the expenses you are planning. 

Price of an Abyssinian cat in Mexico 

If you live in the Mexican Republic and you are fascinated with Abyssinian cats , you should consider that it is not easy to find them, so their cost can be quite high . You can find specimens in hatcheries where they are dedicated to caring for them, being the safest option to find cats registered with the CFA and TICA organization. 

According to the renowned website Mercado Libre, there are 3-month-old female Abyssinian cats for approximately 40,000 Mexican pesos (1985 dollars). As you will realize, it is not an amount that Mexican families usually have, so considering the adoption of pets is not a bad idea. In addition to the fact that it is a much cheaper option, you would be supporting animal shelters that are working at their maximum capacity, where there can be very similar and equally affectionate felines. 

Characteristics of an original Abyssinian cat 

  • The body of an Abyssinian cat is medium long, agile and fine built, but they can be muscular and well developed. 
  • They have a lot of physical activity a day, they are curious and energetic. 
  • His head is slightly rounded without being flat, the lines of his eyebrows, cheeks, and profile shown in a soft outline. There is a slight elevation from the bridge of the nose to the forehead.
  • Its muzzle is neither pointed nor square. Adult males may have dewlaps. 
  • Their ears are large and moderately pointed. His expression is always alert, paying attention to his surroundings. 
  • His eyes are almond-shaped, large, bright and expressive. 
  • Its fur is soft, silky and a very characteristic copper color. It may also feel dense or thick.

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