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8 Characteristics That Tell You If A Scottish Fold Cat Is Original

The Scottish Fold is a breed of cat originating in Scotland, United Kingdom, which was produced by crossing between a British Shorthair and a domestic cat from Scotland and England.

 This is also known for being very curious and intelligent, as well as loyal and extremely affectionate with people, especially those who are part of his family.

If you are interested in learning to identify it, we tell you 8 characteristics that tell you if a Scottish Fold cat is original.

Characteristics of the Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold

1- Medium, rounded and even body from the shoulder to the pelvic waist. It should be kept firmly well padded and there should be no sign of thickness or lack of mobility. It gives the appearance of looking like an owl.

2- Well-rounded head with firm chin and jaw. It features a muzzle with well-rounded whisker pads. It should be mixed with a short neck and show prominent cheeks with the appearance of a jowl (in males).

3- Eyes wide open with a sweet expression. They are large, well rounded and are separated by a wide nose. The color must correspond to that of the coat and can be green, blue, gold or odd.

4- Flat (short) and wide nose with a gentle curve and a short stop.

5- Small ears shown bent back and down. They should be placed in the form of a cap that exposes the round of the skull. The tips are also round. Some cats have straight ears, which should be medium to small.

6- Short, rough and round legs with five fingers on the front, but four on the hind.

7- Tail moderately long and in proportion to the body. It should be flexible and sharp that can end in a round tip.

8- Coat in two varieties: a short one, which is dense, plush and uniform with soft texture; and a long one, which is also very dense and uniform that presents an abundant gorguera. It can come in a variety of colors, patterns, and combinations, but the most common is usually seen in a solid dark gray.

The specialists of The International Cat Association, for their part, describe the Scottish Fold as a medium-sized cat that can weigh between 3.1 and 4.5 kilos; In addition, it is born with straight ears, but at three weeks of age they begin to bend or fold in some cats.

As a curious fact of the breed, is that the Scottish Fold is a relatively healthy breed of cat, because it has a life expectancy that allows it to live between 11 and 14 years, but it could last alive for a long time longer if it is provided with adequate care, such as food, medical services, moderate exercise, among other care that also contribute to its breeds similar to Scottish fold and adoption,rescue cat Scottish .

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