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How to Teach Your dog not to Lick

The conduct of a canine licking could be very herbal. When they’re puppies, puppies are licked through their moms to inspire movement, to reveal love, to hold them clean, and to offer affection. Dogs develop up the use of their mouths to discover the world. If your canine licks your face as he greets you, it’s far due to the fact he’s announcing good day withinside the manner this is maximum herbal to him. Your pores and skin is tender and smooth, which is reassuring on your canine. Your pores and skin may also even flavor salty and yummy on your canine, as tons as it could be worrying to people.

Defining Tasks

Dogs additionally obviously lick their personal wounds to inspire the recovery manner. Dogs will lick their paws excessively or their pores and skin excessively to groom, clean, and to experience better. Excessive licking cannot handiest be worrying to look at and hear, however, it could additionally pose troubles in your canine’s pores and skin. Licking wounds ought to reason capability bacterial infections or maybe pull stitches out in case your canine has had latest surgery. Licking a paw excessively ought to suggest damage you can recognize not anything approximately. At the identical time, obsessively licking an damage ought to reason extra damage.

Once you already know your canine is safe, now no longer injured, and handiest licking due to dependency, you can need to start to accurate compulsive licking.

Getting Started

To make sure your canine isn’t licking his frame excessively for clinical reasons, make sure to have your canine evaluated through your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can test for matters inclusive of hay fever and allergy-associated pores and skin conditions. You also can speak approximately obsessive-compulsive issues inclusive of strain and separation anxiety.

Once your canine is cleared medically if he’s licking you to offer candy domestic dog kisses or licking his frame truly as compulsive conduct you could deal with those troubles with a few retraining, high-quality reinforcement, patience, and plenty of treats. Licking is a dependency that takes time to neglect about. It may take your canine numerous weeks to neglect about this horrific dependency and update it with a brand new dependency.

The Kisses Greeting Method

1/ Turn away

If your canine is used to licking you as a greeting, flip your face away to inspire the canine now no longer to lick your face.

2/ Reward

The second your canine’s tongue is withdrawn and far far from your face, provide him a deal with and interest through manner of petting.

3/ Offer alternatives

You can teach your canine opportunity approaches of greeting inclusive of the “deliver me your paw” command or a “take a seat down” command so that you have a threat to puppy and greet your canine without being licked withinside the face.

4/ Practice and praise

As you’re educating those commands, flip your head from your canine’s face any time he attempts to lick you. Once your canine pulls his tongue in and from your face, deliver him a deal with and a few affection through manner of petting.

5/ Reinforce

Over time, your canine could be used to an opportunity greeting inclusive of last calm together along with his tongue in his mouth or sitting and expecting a very good petting from you.

The Distraction Method

1/ Retraining

If your canine is usually licking his personal frame, you’ll want to start to retrain and offer distractions.

2/ Offer alternatives

When you spot your canine licking his paws incessantly, for instance, provide him a toy to chew.

3/ Encourage

While your canine chews on his toy, provide him petting and a deal with for each little while he isn’t licking his frame.

4/ Repeat and praise

Repeat this manner whenever you spot your canine licking obsessively. Be positive to praise desirable conduct with treats while he pulls from licking his paws or different regions on his frame.

5/ Reinforce

Eventually, your canine will locate enjoyment elsewhere, inclusive of a toy, and apprehend the praise in treats while he isn’t licking obsessively.

The Give Paw Method

1/ Sit

Ask your canine to take a seat down and provide a deal with while he obeys. If your canine does now no longer take a seat down immediately, move again and revisit this command together along with your canine so that whenever you assert the command, “take a seat down,” he is aware of what to do.

2/ Introduce a deal with

Holding a deal with in a single closed hand display it on your canine however, do not permit him to devour it.

3/ Introduce command

Give the command, “deliver me your paw,” and wave the deal with to your closed hand below your canine’s nose.

4/ Wait

Wait patiently on your canine to paw at your hand looking to get to the deal with inner your closed fist. Your canine may also sniff your hand, however, stand company and watch for that paw to return back as much as attempt to open your hand to launch the deal.

5/ Reward

Once the paw comes up and touches your arms to launch the deal with, inform him, desirable boy, open your hand, and permit him to devour his praise.

6/ Practice

Practice this numerous instances till you could have an open hand with a deal with sitting on top, and while you say the command, “deliver me your paw,” your canine touches your hand together along with his paw earlier than ingesting his deal with. This education may also take numerous days numerous instances an afternoon to practice, however in the end while you say the command, “deliver me your paw.” your canine must position his paw up to your hand earlier than looking ahead to a deal with praise.

7/ Add the opportunity on your greeting

As a part of the greeting process, earlier than you permit your canine to lick your face to mention hello, positioned your hand out and use the “deliver me your paw” command. Once your canine comprehends the command, use this as a greeting on every occasion you notice your canine to keep away from the domestic dog kisses.

8/ Get support

Ask every person who greets your canine now no longer to permit domestic dog kisses and face licking however as a substitute to invite your canine to present them his paw as a greeting. Once your canine has been educated to apply shaking your hand as a regular greeting, he’s going to count on anyone who crosses his direction to shake in place of supplying sloppy moist domestic dog kisses.

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