Large Asian Hornet nests found in abandoned house promoting fresh warnings

Asian hornets, known as Vespa velutina nigrithorax, which are native to Southeast Asia, were found in an abandoned house in St. Brelades, a village on the Channel Islands in the United Kingdom.

 This species is considered invasive because it can displace local hornet populations and destroy ecosystems by attacking bee populations. They can also be very aggressive towards people.

Asian hornets first arrived in Europe through a nest hidden on a ship. They were first spotted in the south of France and from there spread across the continent, including the United Kingdom.

The Channel Islands, including St Brelades, are particularly vulnerable to the presence of these hornets due to their proximity to mainland Europe.

The nest found in St Brelades marks 171 Asian hornet nests found in the UK this year, compared to 71 found this time last year.

Authorities fear that their ability to keep this species out of the country is dwindling.

They warn citizens to be very careful if they come across an Asian hornet’s nest.Because these hornets spreadquickly, people should learn to dealwiththesesituationseffectively.

The most common locations are:
• Houses and buildings
• Nests in trees and bushes
• In orchards

Instead, inform the local authorities and provide them with the exact location. If you live in the UK you should contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

1. They have the right equipment and resources to deal with Asian hornets.

2. Keep your distance: Do not approach the nest as this could trigger an attack.In case you get attacked, have in mind that these insects’ sting is extremely painful.

3. Educate Yourself: Get to know more about this insects as that can help in case you come across with them.

4. Protect Your Property: If you are aware of the existence of a nest near your residence, make sure you do all in your power to prevent them from getting indoors.Repair small cracks and do not leave windows and doors open.

5. Seek Professional Help: Always contact a professional pest control service if you see an Asian hornet nest. They are the ones who would solve the problem most effectively.

By taking precautions and seeking professional help when dealing with Asian hornets, we are helping to protect the ecosystem and the people around us.