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Is lemon good for dogs?

Do you want to know if lemon has benefits for dogs? 

For humans, citrus fruits have undeniable health benefits, as well as being delicious in combination with other foods or on their own. However, dogs have another type of diet that questions whether lemon is good for them , so if you want to know if it is safe , either because there are too many of them in your kitchen or you fear for the well-being of your pet, here we give you Veterinary information .

Is lemon good for dogs or is it toxic?

Lemon may have benefits for dogs in other ways , but you have to be very careful that they never consume it, especially its peel . According to specialists, this citrus is highly dangerous for these pets, as they could quickly get sick. “Dogs can eat lemons, although they won’t eat them willingly, as they don’t like the pungent smell of citrus,” says Dr. Jerry Klein , emphasizing the importance of keeping them away from the fruit .

The fleshy part is not harmful, but the high amount of citric acid they contain. If a dog eats lemon, it could cause a gastric obstruction, and if it consumes its peel or skin, it would come into contact with psoralen , a toxic substance for dogs. It is important not to hesitate to call the vet if you notice that your pet has eaten a lemon, as rest assured that its health is at risk.

Also, drinks made with lemon usually contain sugar, and while it’s delicious and refreshing for humans, it’s still dangerous for puppies. Although this ingredient is not toxic in itself, consuming too much of it can lead to obesity or related health problems.

It’s also not a good idea to let them come into contact with scented oils, as they are toxic to your furry friend. It can cause topical irritation. Direct consumption of essential oils is also risky for cats, as it contains d-limonene and linalool , natural insecticides that would immediately damage your pet’s body.

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