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Siamese cat: What is the character of this breed and why have one?

The Siamese is a Thai cat breed well known for its elegant and lively appearance, thanks to its long, slim, strong and muscular body that has a beautiful light brown coat except for the ears, mask, legs and tail, which They are darker parts. The experts of The International Cat Association ( TICA ), consider that this feline must have people or a companion around him so that he can prosper within a home. So if you are considering adopting a pet, we tell you what the character of the Siamese Cat is like and why have one of this breed , with information from the TICA organization.

Siamese Cat Character

It is a very affectionate , loyal , intuitive and demanding cat . However, he requires the company of one or more pets so that he can entertain himself while his owner is away from home. Otherwise, you can spend half an hour or even more time talking about your day, since being very intelligent and extremely social, you always have something to say, because in any conversation the Siamese Cat has the last word.

In addition, it is a very playful feline , it can entertain itself for hours, but it prefers to do it with loved ones, friends and favorite toys, since they do not get tired of playing throughout their lives. He is always looking for something or someone to amuse himself, he loves to snuggle, either on his owner’s lap or near the refrigerator to take advantage of the warmth that emanates. It is very likely that at times it will get under the covers or lie on the warm balcony of a window.

Why have a Siamese cat?

According to experts, the Siamese can be the perfect pet for someone who needs a good company that can provide constant interaction and activity , since it is a very affectionate breed and wonderful with everyone around it, from small children and adults to other pets and animals from outside.

Due to its playful behavior, the Siamese Cat is full of energy , so it always seeks the company of someone to play and have a good time . In addition, he loves to be in the arms of his loved ones, so it is not surprising that he spends his time purring on the lap of his owner or favorite person.

However, it is important that you keep in mind that the Siamese is a very sociable and active cat that thrives on attention and affection , it needs a friend or companion (preferably another kitten of the same breed) to make it feel comfortable. and safe while staying home alone.

As a curious fact about the breed, the Siamese have a life expectancy of 10 years, but if given proper care they could extend it up to 20 years. According to specialists from the Hill’s Pet company , these blue-eyed cats can weigh up to 5 kilos, in the case of males, while females barely reach a weight of 3 kilos.

Remember that bringing one or two pets home carries a lot of responsibility, which consists of keeping them healthy and strong based on a well-balanced diet, careful hygiene, complete vaccination schedules, periodic deworming, recurring medical check-ups, moderate exercise, lots of love. and love, among other services that could help you safeguard their health and well-being .

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