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White Pomeranian How and What?

The white Pomeranian is a small dog originally from Germany that is characterized by its cute appearance: A tiny body up to 17 cm tall and 3 kilos in weight, with almond-shaped eyes, small ears, and abundant fur that must be color pure white, according to the official standard of the United Kennel Club.

The adorable appearance of the white Pomeranian comes with a strong immune system that makes it a healthy pet, but only if it is kept in good condition, so if you are in charge of one and need to know how long it can live and what care it needs, here We tell you according to experts from the American Kennel Club .

Despite its tiny size, the white Pomeranian is a canine that is considered quite healthy and relatively long-lived, since it has a life expectancy that fortunately allows it to live between 12 and 16 years if it receives all the attention it requires. a companion animal to stay happy, fit, and healthy.

But as with all dogs, your white Pomeranian is prone to developing certain diseases that are unfortunately related to its canine breed; That is why you should take him to his veterinary check-ups on a recurring basis so that an animal health expert can submit him to the following medical tests, according to his criteria:

  • patella evaluation
  • Cardiac evaluation
  • Ophthalmologic (eye) evaluation
  • Thyroid evaluation

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