Siamese Red Point: nine diseases that a cat of this breed can have

The Red Point Siamese is a cat that was developed from the cross between a Siamese and an orange tabby cat to have the physical traits of both felines: a slender body and abundant cream-colored fur, but with legs, ears, the tail and the face of a darker tone, according to standards of the International Cat Association .

Many believe that this rather beautiful-looking kitten is difficult to find or rare to see, there are even those who think that it does not even exist; If fortunately you have one under your care at home, but you do not know what diseases it can develop , here we tell you the most common according to the experts of the AniCura association .

What diseases can a Red Point Siamese have?

In general, the  Siamese Red Point is a healthy feline of approximately 5.4 kilos in weight, and is considered quite long-lived, since it can live up to 20 years if it is kept in good conditions. However, as with all cats, he is prone to developing certain breed-related health problems , such as:


For the early detection of some of the aforementioned diseases , you should take your Siamese Red Point to his veterinary check -ups with recurrence, this so that he is subjected to the following medical tests , as indicated by the animal health expert:

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