World Dog Day: What to do if I see that a dog is being mistreated?

In many parts of the world, World Dog Day is celebrated every July 21 , this in tribute to that little friend of four who says “woof woof” to express how much he loves you. Since time immemorial, dogs have been characterized as the most loyal companions of humans, and for that reason they deserve the respect , affection and care of all.

The  Day of the Dog aims to recognize all the lomitos, who in addition to providing their company and unconditional love, have been of great support to humans by helping them in various tasks, such as search and rescue, detection of bombs or drugs, among others. . That is why , in his honor , we tell you what to do if you see a dog being mistreated , according to  PROFEPA , the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection .

What to do if I see that a dog is being mistreated?

Unfortunately, Mexico is the third country in the world with the most cases of animal cruelty , according to data obtained in 2016 by INEGI . One of the animals most affected by this type of violence are dogs , since only 30 percent of the nearly 18 million that live in that country have an owner, while the rest are strays .

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Although street dogs are more prone to abuse because they are in a more vulnerable situation than those who do have a home, it does not mean that they deserve to be treated with violence . If unfortunately you are or have witnessed a terrible event such as an act of animal cruelty , you can do the following:

Animal rights

Remember that in the country there are laws that protect the integrity of animals, including dogs, such as the  Universal Declaration of the Rights of Animals of the Government of Mexico, which in its article number 2 says that every animal has the right to respect, to attention, care and protection of people, who cannot claim the right to exterminate other animals or exploit them.

Likewise, it declares in its article number 3 that no animal, including the dog, should be subjected to mistreatment or cruel acts ; and in its article 6 it says that every animal that has been chosen as a companion has the right to have its life span in accordance with its natural longevity, in addition to the fact that  abandonment  is a cruel and degrading act.

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