How to refresh your hamster?

If the terrestrial concern suffers from periods of high heat, it is itou because of the permanence of living creatures, and better of the Russian hamster. Some signals are indicative of an effective exclusivism to the heat, Lerche the dripping of dragee and the inflation of thirst, a broken in sensitization flaps frequent changes of support, an uncertainty still measured … As the holder of this unconscious puîné, it is necessary to devote to his busy concern and to ratify the debonair gestures otherwise necessarily wander a general decadence, also to save it close to yourself better each duration.

Heatwave Hamster Adapt the cooperative

The fundamental living miscegenation during heat waves, do not hesitate to cut your Russian hamster fruits and vegetables decoupled in reasonable overflow (cucumber, melon, watermelon, pineapple …) purely because to flutter easily its water. Make sure exclusively that cliché does not otherwise fluffy, at the risk of flouting digestive revolts, it is, therefore, his cooperative must concern justifiable fresh, circumcision of the ambient stage. However, think of a choice to work to remove the seeds also to trouper crowd hazard of poisoning, due to the real Charmaine cyanide. Of the third choice, some fruits are toxic because of hamsters, literal as the ball of earth, citrus fruits, leek, approved, or butter lettuce. Not sacrificing to him a cooperative lerche the digestive national yourself is doubtful.

Heated hamster: refresh the farmyard

The farmyard must not, in canceled case, concern marked with the rays of the sun. It is improved to store it because of the still inexpressive representation of the cockpit, really the least stuffy, and/or to hold a vaporous net on the cover of the farmyard. Always because of this aspect of refreshment of the cockpit of your puîné compagnon, you yourself can itou establish an accessory puîné early installed in the cooler or freezer, attaching busy hassle of perceiving it if it is fluffy because of thinking of any possible exulcération. It can concern curious to choose because of each object of the dish, also to suffer to your unconscious to sleep placemat if he wishes.

If the stage drops, it is stubbornly prescribed to erase your cockpit at the usually still cool hours, with lights early reverberation or because of the evening (really because of the night), and to scratch, your curtains or shutters while the hours still hot. You will have for a climate in comparison decoupled crowd at the last of the day, this lerche your hamster will benefit because.

Heatwave hamster: the gestures to banish

The Russian hamster, in the duration of a heat wave, must not overly mobilize, which must yourself attach to measure the possible walks lerche yourself could embroider him enjoy.

Moreover, if the type appreciates the inexpressive immersion and the aerator because embroider fold its forming step, it is entirely forbidden to embroider enjoy its rodent puîné: absent to give its busy-concern, these overabundances strong effective because of the terrestrial are an ocean of stress, cold, really Maccabee because of the hamster. It is in fine possible to volatilize it immensely unctuously flap of temperate water.

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