How to make your dog not be aggressive with people? 

The specialists of the Affinity Foundation give you some recommendations that can help you educate your puppy, whatever its breed

If you are lucky enough to be in charge of a dog , but you have no idea how to make it not aggressive towards people , you came to the right place because here we give you some tips that can help you solve that problem, according to experts from the  Affinity Foundation .

It is not a secret that having a dog  as a pet implies many responsibilities, since one of them deals with its education at home, which should always be positive and based on prizes for good behavior, according to the indications of the People’s Dispensary animal association . for Sick Animals .

How to make my dog ​​not be aggressive with people

  1. Follow a training program . This must be based on obedience and the modification of their behavior through different techniques that reward correct or adequate behaviors.
  2. Follow a pharmacological therapy . Although it may seem too much, there are safe drugs for dogs that can help if your veterinarian considers it necessary, but they are only a training support, since without it, there would be no effective results.
  3. Consider castration . If your dog is male and seems to have aggressive behavior due to dominance and territoriality, you have the option of neutering him, a surgical procedure in which his testicles are removed.

In some cases, depending on what your vet recommends, the use of some supplements, such as synthetic hormones , or alternative therapies, such as  acupuncture , can help prevent your dog from being aggressive .

In the same way, offering moderate exercise time every day can go a long way in helping your dog become a calmer pet, but not only with people, but also with other dogs around him.

It should be noted that any form of dog aggression can be a serious safety concern for the people and pets around you. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult any advice or recommendation  with a veterinarian or ethologist

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