How long does a bee sting last in dogs

Dogs are curious animals, so they will not hesitate to go out to sniff or play chasing insects in the garden of the house, so it is very likely that they will come into contact with certain dangers. The most common? The bees . If your canine has been stung by one, it is best to inform yourself to handle the situation in the best way, and if you want to know how long the effect of a bee sting on a dog lasts , here we tell you, as well as some tips on what to do. do in these cases .

According to AniCura veterinarians , bee stings in dogs usually appear on the face or legs, although especially on the muzzle, since when they see them they are very striking insects and they can run towards them to bite or eat them . The best thing is not to lose calm and know how to identify if it is something serious, although in most cases it is not fatal if they were victims of only one.

Bee stings in dogs: How long does the effect last?

According to the Ohio pet insurance company , Embrace Pet Insurance , it is always best to prevent dogs from coming into contact with bees or wasps , since the discomfort that their sting can cause does not last minutes, but hours. Most often, the effect takes 12 to 24 hours to fully heal , and you have to be very attentive to the symptoms :

What to do in case of a bee sting in dogs?

Unlike wasp stings, which can be multiple because they do not leave their sting inside the skin, and are therefore more dangerous, some cases of bee stings in dogs can be treated at ho It is best to observe how the effect progresses in the first 15 or 20 minutes , and depending on this will be the way to proceed. If in the case of your pet there were no allergic reactions that need to be treated immediately by a veterinarian, you can do the following:

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