8 Breeds of Dogs considered long-eared

Dogs with Long Ears

Dogs with long ears are undeniably cute. They have a certain charm that just screams, ‘I am adorable and have the best ears in the world.’ We know you were thinking the exact same thing so we compiled a list of 8 longeared dog breeds (with pics, of course) so you can see for yourself the true beauty of these long-eared lovelies.

Whilst they look super sweet, long ears actually help your dog to hear better too! Though the hearing ability of a dog depends on their age and breed, their range of hearing is estimated to be around 40 Hz to 60 kHz – that’s a lot better than us humans.

Big – eared or long- eared dogs always have a cute and funny look that makes them irresistible, so if you want to take one home and you are researching the breeds that have this characteristic, we invite you to see a list with 8 of them , in addition to the peculiarities that distinguish each one.

One of the best-known dogs with enormous ears and floppy ears is the Beagle , but in the world there are many others that share its characteristics and end up being the favorites in many families, since most of them have a docile, affectionate and calm personality. The long-eared dogs are the product of selective breeding that modified the genetic load that dogs have with wolves, jackals and coyotes, resulting in that adorable appearance that everyone loves.

1. Afgan Hound o Lebrel Afgano

It is one of the oldest breeds that exist, coming from Afghanistan . Their long and large ears are very furry, giving them a mane like no other. They have a great hunting instinct from their upbringing , they run very fast and are not considered very familiar.

Origin and Physical Traits

2. Basset Hound

This is one of the breeds that exemplify the main characteristics of long-eared dogs : as they have hearing problems, they further develop their sense of smell. Also known as a hound dog, its ears are huge and always drooping. 

Origin and Physical Traits

3. Dog of San Hubert or Blood Hound

The character of this dog is very stubborn and they need a lot of physical activity. Their developed sense of smell makes them great hunters, helping in tasks such as search and rescue. They can also make great companions at home and are very tolerant of small children.

Origin and Physical Traits

4. Coon Hound

They are characterized by their drooping face as well as their long ears . It is one of the oldest dogs in America, with great hunting skills as its background. They run long distances at great speed, and their character is stubborn, so they need a lot of training from puppies.

Origin and Physical Traits

5. Dachshund or sausage dog

In the list of long- eared dogs , the sausage cannot be missing, one of the favorites for dog lovers. They can be stubborn when it comes to training, as they love to follow tracks and be very curious. They were bred to chase badgers or other animals such as rabbits and foxes. Their little legs are short but their ears cover their ears.

Origin and Physical Traits

6. Saluki

Also known as the Royal Dog of Egypt , it is a very fast dog that can jump very high. His build is slim, with large, hairy ears. They are very active so they need training and a lot of attention.

Origin and Physical Traits

7. Setter Gordon

They are dogs native to Scotland , bred to hunt birds. They are characterized by being very alert and loyal to their owners. With young children they can become very protective and patient. 

Origin and Physical Traits

8. Spinone Italiano

They are dogs with great abilities, such as hunting, swimming, and playing. They are active, resistant and very affectionate. Its appearance is relaxed and because of its large ears they cause grace. With children they are also quite tolerant.

Origin and Physical Traits

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