10 Signs Your Rabbit Really Loves You

In this article, you will learn 10 signs that show your rabbit really loves you.

1/ Lying Down Next to You

Does your bunny flops or sprawls next to you? Good!  This means that your rabbit trusts you and feels safe around you. A rabbit who lays on her back or side, with her legs out and belly exposed, is in a very vulnerable position. This is because they are not able to instantly rise up and dash away if danger comes by. If your little pet comes next to you and lays on their side, it’s a clear sign that they trust you.

2/ They groom you

Grooming is another way rabbits show their affection. In the wild, rabbits participate in social grooming and lick other rabbits that they are bonded with.

When a rabbit licks you or your clothing, it means that they see you as a member of their family. They love you, and they groom you to show that they care about your well-being and cleanliness.

3/ They purr in your presence

Believe it or not, rabbits can purr, and this behavior is also known as tooth clicking. It happens when a rabbit lightly rubs their teeth together. This makes a quiet form of clicking sound and causes the bunny’s head to vibrate a little.

Rabbits click their teeth when they’re happy, comfortable, and content. If your rabbit gently grinds their teeth while you pet them, it is a clear sign that they are happy to be in your arms. 

4/ They rub their chin on you

Chinning is another way that rabbits express their affection. 

Chin refers to a rabbit rubbing its jaw against an object such as a toy. Rabbits have scent glands under their jaws. When they rub their jaw on something, a small amount of their specific scent deposits on the object, essentially marking it as their own. Believe it or not, chin marking is a serious business for rabbits. It’s a rabbit’s way to mark their territory and claim an object as theirs.

If your rabbit massages her chin against you, she is claiming you as hers and is telling other rabbits, “This owner is mine.”. It means your little pet adores you so much that it wants to designate you as their very own. 

5/ Your Rabbit Makes an oinking sound

Oinking or honking is an audible sound your rabbit may make. This is a soft sound that could be compared to a pig’s oink. Rabbits make this sound when they are happy and excited. It shows your rabbit loves you.

6/ They look for your attention

Bunnies are very skittish animals, and it takes a while for most rabbits to trust their human.

If your rabbit nudges you with their nose or comes up to you and put their head down to ask for head rubs, or even when they move closer to your hand for caresses, that’s a clear sign that they love you and enjoy spending time with you.

7/ They enjoy your company

Rabbits can be very timid.  For most rabbits, it’s distressing and uncomfortable to be in a human’s arms or hands, even those of the people who feed them. When your little pet is merely just relaxed in the same room as you, it is a huge indicator that they love you.

8/ They binky when they see you

A binky is a sign of a happy rabbit. This is when a bunny makes a large jump into the air with a funny little twist. A binky is often accompanied with high speed zooming around the room as it lets out their happy, pent-up energy. If your rabbit binkies or runs at top speeds when they see you, it’s a clear sign that they love you and are excited to be around you.

9/ Running Circles Around your Feet

They may even run zooming circles around you or weave between your legs as if they are trying to trip you.

They display this behavior to show just how excited they are to see you. Like when you come home after being away for some time. They may run toward you and circle your feet to express their excitement.

10/ They are calm in your presence

One of the signs that you have gained the confidence of your rabbit is that they seem relaxed and calm in your presence. This means that your little pet isn’t running away from you, they are not fearing for their safety when you are around, and they consider you a stable and trustworthy figure.

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